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Dust bag
· P84 Filter Bag
· PPS Filter Bag
· PTFE Filter Bag
· Glass-fiber Woven Filter Bag
· Glass-fiber Filter Bag
· Polyester Antistatic Filter Bag
· Polyester woven series
· Polyester Needle-punched felt filter bag
· PMS Filter Bag
· Metamax(Nomex) Filter Bag
· BF(Basalt fibre)Filter Bag
· Acrylic Fiter Bag
· Precision liquid filter bag series
Dust cloth Dust Accessories
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Address: No. 32 Salt Road, Yancheng City, Jiangsu Province, the new
Contact:Wang Zhenyu(General manager)
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    Yancheng Baoying Filter Co., Ltd. is a research and development, manufacturing, sales and trade as one of the Industrial Enterprise. Filter Co., Ltd. is located in Yancheng Yancheng Bao win new foreign economic zone Pavilion Lakes Salt Bay Avenue, Jiangsu Province, was founded in 2006 in Jiangsu Province Economic Development Zone of Yancheng Economic Development Zone, Jiangsu Funing two production bases, covering of 52,700 square meters, now has more than 300 experienced staff. The main products are: made ??of PPS, PTFE, P84, basalt, acrylic, fluorine Gomez, PTFE Glass America, the United States Freitas, fiberglass, polyester, aramid, polypropylene needle felt and filter bag; water oil repellent, anti-static needle felt; alkali, alkali texturized fiberglass cloth; 729 polyester fiber cloth; 208 polyester flannel; various materials round bone: galvanized, silicone, stainless steel, springs, and other materials heterosexual skeleton, and other types of dust bag hanging environmental media products. "Quality first, customer first" principle is a treasure to win consistent business philosophy. The company now has woven, needle-speed carding high frequency machines, automatic heat setting line, bone cage accessories and other production lines, with a high level of processing capacity, adhere to ISO9001: 2000 quality management system certification, and further improve the quality of products reliability.

    So far, the company has more than ten patents, and the State Environmental Protection Administration - environmental protection product certification, and a number of honorary certificates. In addition, Bao win also use their perfect testing center, through rigorous product testing and monitoring to ensure the production and stable quality, and in the factory before the final product, based on customer demand, the physical properties testing, product quality has been shipped The most meticulous control. Dreams represent the vision of the future, take off inspire entrepreneurial passion. Bao win filter adhering to the "people-oriented science and technology", the sense of starting from a single product, step by step, and ultimately to high-tech products to replace traditional products, the development of various types of environmental media products. Science and technology to create the future, talent creating enterprises. Bao win filter insisted HR as the most important strategic resource, broad absorption cultivate a variety of skilled personnel.The company brings together senior industry professionals with a highly skilled engineering team responsible for product improvement, development and services. Rich human resources, good research environment, advanced management mode as well as a strong corporate culture to flourish treasure win brought a steady stream of power. Enterprises should Everlasting depends on the core concept of outstanding management and incentives. To talent development space for the talent show wisdom stage. Bao win improved staff training and performance management of a comprehensive assessment of the implementation, emphasizing responsibility, dedication, challenge higher goals, to talent development provides a good platform, so treasure win has become one of the top talents in the industry enterprises. Comfortable working environment, rich cultural life, more inspired employees treasure to win the love of the family, making their cohesion greatly enhanced. Blue sky, carrying the dream of flying mankind; sea, the wind and waves interpretation of Voyager passion. Filter Co., Ltd. Yancheng Bao win, as a sail in the vast sea of ??the wheel, high-spirited, wind waves, towards the success of the other side.
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Yancheng Baoying Filter Co., Ltd. All rights reserved Address: No. 32 Salt Road, Yancheng City, Jiangsu Province, the new Contact:Wang Zhenyu(General manager) Mob:0086-15705115550 TEL:86-0515-88566968 Fax:86-0515-88566968