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PPS dust bag


I produced the PPS dust bag is our selection of the United States, Japan and other countries producing polyphenylene sulfide (PPS) fiber, manufactured in accordance with the production process of other high-temperature filter felt, processing of filter material, primarily for the high-temperature filter material one species. PPS acupuncture filter in the following situations in superior performance.
1, the fuel sulfur or sulfur oxides in the flue gas, which has proven to be resistant to acid corrosion, chemical resistance, strong fibers.
2, flue gas containing moisture occasion.
3, working temperature 190 ℃, short-term working temperature 232 ℃, melting point 285 ℃, limiting oxygen index 34-35.
4, at a temperature of 190-232 ℃ mining conditions, air to cloth ratio of up to 5:1 and gas cleaning done online as offline cleaning cloth ratio of 6:1 when, PPS filter bag has excellent performance record.
5, the oxygen content of 15% or less of the occasion can be applied.
However, the filter coal boilers, waste incinerators, power plant fly ash dust processing in pulse cleaning dust removal equipment, PPS filter felt is the ideal filter material. PPS fibers with complete retention of strength and inherent chemical resistance, excellent filtering performance can be maintained in a harsh environment and achieve the desired service life.

A. Round Bags (outside the filter type)

Diameter (mm)

Length L (mm)

Mainly applicable


2000 2400 2800

Suitable for pulse jet baghouse


3200 3600 4000


4400 4800 5200


5600 6000

B. Round bag (inner filter type)


Length L (mm)

Mainly applicable


6000 8000
10000 12000

Applicable to sub-room cleaning bag filter



C. flat-type bags

Perimeter P (mm)

Length L (mm)

Mainly applicable


2000 3000 4000
5000 6000

Suitable for rotary cleaning bag filter


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